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Tie the Knot at Amman Rotana

Your forever journey starts here!

Don't let winter stop you from having the perfect wedding!


Seating around 200 guests, The Monarch Ballroom is the perfect venue to celebrate your big day. 


Take advantage of our wedding package this season that includes:

  • 1-night stay in a classic suite with honeymoon set up
  • 10% complimentary on a minimum number of 120 guests
  • Specialized on-site wedding planners
  • You get the chance to have your wedding photography session inside the iconic hotel facilities 
  • Price starting from JOD 30.00 all inclusive per person 


Explore our Wedding Brochure in the above attachment.


Don't wait any longer to book your special date   

תנאים ומגבלות

This offer is valid till the last day of Ramadan, 2023. Above price is inclusive of 8% sales tax and 5% service charge. Complimentary 1-night stay in a classic suite with honeymoon set up and breakfast. 10% complimentary on a minimum number of 120 guests. Price JOD 30.00 or 34.00 inclusive per person (two menus available).

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