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We always feel that we are home in Rotana erbil. Excellent attitude with unlimited care and professionalisim. Thanks for all the professional staff and especially assist general manager whom always grantees a 5 star treatment

Reviewed by Manafarnous a TripAdvisor traveler 17th May 2018
"Wonderful Stay at the Rotana Hotel"

I had to attend a business meeting in Erbil and stayed at the Rotana Hotel in Gulan Street, I had a wonderful stay at the hotel. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful, the check-in was quick and easy and my room was comfourtable and clean, a real pleasure to stay at the hotel thank you. A safe & secure location in the city. I will definitely recommend the Rotana Hotel.

Reviewed by Marthinus C a TripAdvisor traveler 11th May 2018
"Excellent hotel"

The Rotana is a superb hotel, ranking with the best anywhere in the world. The staff are incredibly helpful. The location is great, the food wonderful and a terrific breakfast. The rooms are very clean and comfortable.

Reviewed by StephentNEB a TripAdvisor traveler
Ottawa 8th May 2018
"11 out 10"

This has been one of my best hotel experiences hands down. I’ve traveled a lot and nothing compares to this. The amount of attention to detail is uncompromising. The attention and service dedicated to their guests can not be described. This must be experienced

Reviewed by Sgtx a TripAdvisor traveler
Texas 4th May 2018

Even that the prices in hotel and especially in the lebanese restaurant are very high, the friendliness and professionalism of the personnel as well as the overall quality of the hotel was worth it. Rooms are spacious and clean.

Reviewed by Tkkirvesoja a TripAdvisor traveler
Belgium 28th April 2018
"Excellent hotel in calm area of Erbil"

It was a splendid experience to stay for some nights at Erbil Rotana Hotel. Especially the Lebanese restaurant can be recommended for a nice experience. The hotel is only 15 minutes away from the airport which is very practical. I would only recommend the management to reduce a bit the room rate if it wants to increase its number of guests.

Reviewed by LucAntwerp a TripAdvisor traveler 23rd April 2018
"first arriva at Erbil"

one short night at Rotana it was a nice stay, very comfortable room and nice employees to the reception, breakfast in line with expectation. May be TV quality channel can be improved with modern system available on the market

Reviewed by Rossano G a TripAdvisor traveler 16th April 2018
"Very good"

You just need to improve your breakfast. also, the security checks is very backdated and not friendly at all. the yellow sticker thing is very silly. you should find something else which is more convenient and manageable.

Reviewed by Shielany a TripAdvisor traveler
Jordan 10th April 2018
"Amazing Experince"

The best staff, very professional and friendly. Everyone is keen on serving you and making your experience a smooth one. I would say their best quality is paying attention to every little details, and going beyond to serve you.

Reviewed by Mohamed R a TripAdvisor traveler
Egypt 1st April 2018
"Very supportive and willing"

An excellent time, very good food in the specialty restaurant; and very good service - friendly and very responsive. Possibly the best internet connection in Erbil and good to see the BBC on the TV which is often not available

Reviewed by Nicholasstj a TripAdvisor traveler
District Of Columbia 21st March 2018

Its good experince

Hassan Mouaead
3rd May 2018. Source: Google

جميل جدا

Nassem Sabah
27th April 2018. Source: Google

Nice place

Hanjween Kika
18th April 2018. Source: Google

Excellent is the right comment for this hotel. Do not get annoyed with the enhanced security as they always have high profile guests.

Ali Amasya
14th April 2018. Source: Google

To much security

Ziad Salemeh
13th April 2018. Source: Google

رائع جدا

Nader Saadoun
13th April 2018. Source: Google

Nice place for dinner and time out

Serwan Mohamed
11th April 2018. Source: Google

Very nice clean and elegant but very expensive and like what you expect from Rotana

Sulaiman Alkhateeb
5th April 2018. Source: Google


Laura Matisone
3rd April 2018. Source: Google

Nice hotel

Emad Hammood
21st March 2018. Source: Google

Beautiful and nice hotel in Erbil

Twana Mohammed
20th March 2018. Source: Google


Ara Salam
19th March 2018. Source: Google


19th March 2018. Source: Google

ممتاز وينقصه المسبح الداخلي وهو مخصص لرجال الاعمال اكثر مما هو للسياح

sameer adnan
17th March 2018. Source: Google

Went for an event at it's grand ballroom and it was very well organized

Jrr Tolkien
10th March 2018. Source: Google
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