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Meeting rooms ... where I meet.

State-of-the-art yet hip, futuristic yet chic.

State-of-the-art yet hip, futuristic yet chic.

Centro Shaheen Jeddah boasts of 3 meeting rooms in addition to Link (where I connect) which are designed to appeal to those, who value effective solutions and efficient amenities.

The colours, layout, lighting and leading-edge technology have all been carefully selected to enhance interaction, encourage communication and ensure productivity. Each room is fully equipped with all the tools and technology our corporate clientele needs to maximise the success of their meetings.

You will be assured of personal and professional service from the beginning to the end of your meeting or function, and of receiving our undivided attention.

  חדר פגישות אזור(m2)
L x W x H
  Meeting Room A90m2
8 x 13 x 4 mts
60 80 55 40 50 80
  Meeting Room B58m2
7 x 8 x 3 mts
35 45 27 16 20 35
  Meeting Room C58m2
7 x 7 x 3 mts
35 45 27 16 20 35
  Meeting Rooms B & C108m2
7 x 15 x 3 mts
70 90 60 40 50 80
  Meeting Room D 
  Meeting Room D 
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