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Your Romantic Escape at Centro Salama
Enjoy your next stay with your loved one in Jeddah >
Your Weekend Family Escape at Centro Salama.
Enjoy a weekend full of excitement, fun and lots of family time in Jeddah >
Your Business Escape at Centro Salama
Your next business meeting will be conducted in an efficient, productive and successful atmosphere in Jeddah >

מחפש את יעד הטיול המושלם עבורך? אין צורך לחפש יותר! בחר ממגוון חבילות הטיול של רוטנה וגלה את הנוחות הבלתי מתפשרת של ההזמנה אצלנו, תוך התחשבות בזמנך היקר. כל החבילות הן במסגרת חבילות הכל כלול המגיעות עם הפתעות ופינוקים שיותירו אותך ללא דאגה נוספת בחופשה שכל כך מגיעה לך. בחר עכשיו את היעד המועדף עלייך מתוך כ-250 יעדים.

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Hayakum in Jeddah
Centro Salama goes beyond traditional hospitality We believe that true hospitality extends beyond providing accommodation, It's about soaking up the vibrant culture and authentic treasures of the city We're thrilled to introduce you to "Hayakum" our exclusive platform designed to elevate your stay with a handpicked selection of local adventures and hidden gems Experience Jeddah in a whole new light, Whether you're looking for distinctive outings, or personalized activities, Hayakum offers a variety of options to fit your interests From leisurely cycling or hiking trips, pampering sessions at selected spas, discovering the craft of traditional perfume-making, trying your hand at archery, horseback riding, exploring local farms to enjoying immersive cooking experiences with local families, Hayakum always has something special for everyone Your journey in Jeddah is ready to unfold, and Hayakum is your trusted companion every step of the way Let us lead you to uncover the hidden treasures and unforgettable experiences awaiting your discovery >

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