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Thank you for the good experience, but one thing im looking for are slippers 🤭🤭🤭 i thought they have, overall was great experience. We will come back again, worth it our staying here in al khobar….

Reviewed by Allyana a TripAdvisor traveler 31st January 2024

Especially Mrs. Rafal at the reception, very helpful and elegant in dealing, the rooms are beautiful, the cafe on the top floor is very wonderful and the view is distinguished, I will repeat my visit again, and we wish her permanent success, thanks for the very interest.

Reviewed by Maher a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 10th April 2021

الأوتيل ماشاء الله جميل وراقي والأستقبال خصوصاً الاخت رفال قمه في الأخلاق وسرعة الأنجاز ، أشكرها شكر خاص على اخلاقها ، ساعدتني بسرعة وما خذت وقت اطول من وقتي راقيه جداً ............. مو اخر زياره لي ان شاء الله

Reviewed by NamMoh a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 7th April 2021
"For the fifth time"

Food is good rooms was clean location is perfect and the service is the best beginning with Salah at the reception Raymond and Ilias at restaurant service and Shopin at the housekeeping he was professional

Reviewed by OtaibiMohammed a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 6th April 2021

The staff was amazing, respectful and very helpful Saudis and others too , I remember they name : Faisal at receptions, Raymond at the restaurant, Shopin kar at the housekeeping. Also the food was good,

Reviewed by Mohammed a TripAdvisor traveler
الرياض 22nd December 2020
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