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A premier lifestyle destination in the ‘Red City’ of Marrakech, the Palmeraie Rotana Resort complex, located on a stunning 230-hectare palm grove, features an unrivalled combination of accommodation and world-class leisure, as well as the jewel in its crown – an 18-hole championship golf course.

With three unique hotels; Hôtel du Golf Rotana , Golf Club Rotana and Palmeraie Palace, the resort complex collectively offers one of the largest accommodation capacities in the city, with 640 rooms and suites available.

A dynamic dining destination in its own right, the resort features 12 unique venues offering a diverse range of experiences and international cuisines. Resort facilities also include Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club and Zen the spa at Rotana.

The modern Conference Centre with spaces as large as 5,000 sqm and a capacity for 3,500 people, can host any event, from conferences and exhibitions to workshops and meetings.

Palmeraie Rotana Resort
Circuit de la Palmeraie, BP 1488,
T: +212 524 30 10 10
F: +212 524 30 50 50

Marrakech, the second largest city in Morocco, is not only a major economic powerhouse in North Africa, but a hive of social energy and activity with its bustling souqs, lively nightlife, rich cultural heritage and vibrant dining scene.

Known as the Red City, in reference to its city walls and red sandstone buildings, this thriving metropolis has become a global tourism hotspot, popular for its ancient medina, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site with the famous Jamaa el-Fna Square marketplace at its centre, as well as its shopping, hammams and stunning parks, including Le Jardin Secret, Jardin Majorelle, the Menara olive grove and the walled Agdal gardens. Lying at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, it is a city with an awe-inspiring location and temperate climate all-year-round.

Palmeraie Rotana Resort, a natural Eden in the heart of a legendary palm grove, is located just north of the city centre and 30 minutes from Marrakech Menara International Airport.

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