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Erbil Rotana offering the latest technological audio-visual equipment's to ensure the organized meetings, large conferences and parties run smoothly.

High-tech features

  • Fully equipped reception desk for fast & efficient check-in with high speed passport / ID scanners
  • Automated units in all rooms for the guest's convenience to centrally control all features such as light, temperature, privacy and all other room services
  • IP phone in the guests' rooms
  • Full wireless internet access in the guests' rooms and public areas
  • LCD TV screen in all guests' rooms
  • Fully equipped business centre offering internet access and full secretarial services
  • Meeting rooms equipped cutting edge Audio Visual facilities with wired and wireless internet access

Music system

  • CD player
  • Channel mixing console
  • DVD / VCR Combo
  • Headset radio microphones
  • Lapel radio microphones
  • Loud speakers
  • Technician communication

 Sound reinforcement

  • Ceiling speakers
  • Main loudspeakers
  • Subwoofers

 Projection system

  • Ceiling mounted projection
  • Computer & video interface built-in
  • Motorized projector screen
  • Projector with lens
  • Resolution up to 1024 (compressed)

 Conference system

  • Chairman table top microphone
  • Delegate table microphones (Conference only)
  • Wired microphone with stand
  • Wireless handheld & clip microphones
  • Simultaneous translation system

Lighting system

  • Channel lighting control console
  • Dimmer modules
  • Lighting dimming
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