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Centro Shaheen Jeddah offers you the latest state-of-the-art communications technology for all your events in Jeddah.

Music System
• Wireless microphone station hand held single channel receiver with handheld microphone
• DVD player (Rack Mounted), DVD/ DVD-R, CD, VCD playback MP3, WMA, DivX player

Sound Reinforcement
• Dual concentric 5" ceiling speaker
• Rack mounted stereo mixer6-input and 2-output with amplifier
• Power amplifier

Projection System
• Projector Lift Da-Lift 15 with plenum cover with LVC & remote
• Projector, 4000 ANSI Lumens with standard zoom lens
• Motorized Screen 133"D, HC Da-mat with LVC & remote

Conference System
• Chairman table top microphone
• 6 delegate table top microphones
• Mobile flipchart & white boards
• Video conferencing facility in all meeting rooms
• Laptops
• Multimedia presentation switcher
• Digital signage 17

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